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Segregated Funds


  • CFP® and QAFP® certificants: 4 CE credits in the Product Knowledge category
  • MFDA: 4 PK (product knowledge) credits
  • IIROC: 4 credits, PD, Cycle 9 (2022-2023)
  • Life Agents (provincial requirements): 4 hrs in ON, AB, SK, MB  
  • CLU: Not Institute accredited, but will likely qualify for 4 Institute-approved Professional Development credits. See What's the difference?
  • CPA: 4 verifiable CPD hours

FORMAT: Course Notes in PDF format (print them or read them online). You must pass an online Course Quiz to obtain CE credits. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Segregated funds are often marketed as a conservative or lower-risk alternative to mutual funds, or for their estate planning or creditor protection benefits. While they have seen their ups and downs in terms of popularity over the years, they appear to be on the upswing once again, with net flows to seg funds in 2021 tripling to $4.5 billion, compared to $1.5 billion the previous year. Therefore, it is imperative that financial professionals understand these products. 

NOTE: You have 6 months from time of purchase to complete this course.

PUBLISHED: December 2022

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