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If you've already started a Course, you just need to login to our learning management system (LMS). Then just choose the Course from your Training Plan, and click on Launch/Resume.

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I bought a course - now how do I get started?

You do not need to register as a student before you buy a course. Simply choose the Course(s) you want, add them to your shopping cart, and complete your purchase.

After you've paid for your Course(s), you'll receive two emails. If you don't receive these emails within a few minutes of completing your purchase, please check your junk mail.

  • The first email is just a confirmation/receipt.
  • The second email includes a link that you have to click on to get started. If you haven't taken a Course with us before, you will be guided through the process of setting up your student account. If you already are a student with Learning Partner, clicking on the link will add the new Course to your existing Training Plan so you can get started.

Please make sure to use the same email address the next time you register for a Course, because that becomes your username!