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New Requirement for an Ethics Credit in 2015!

Effective January 1, 2015, FPSC requires all CFP® professionals and FPSC Level 1™ Certificants in Financial Planning to obtain 1 CE credit in the category of Professional Responsibility. You can learn more about this new requirement in this email that FPSC send to all CFP professionals in December, 2014.

Our course Many Shades of Grey - Ethical Dilemmas for Financial Advisors was specifically designed to meet this new requirement. It provides 2 CE credits, one in the Professional Responsibility category and one in the Financial Planning category.

Overview of CE Requirements

If you are a CFP professional, you need to obtain 25 verifiable CE credits annually, while FPSC Level 1™ Certificants in Financial Planning must complete 12 hours each year. 

All of Learning Partner’s CE courses provide verifiable CE credits, and all of our courses have been reviewed and approved under FPSC’s CE Approval Program.

At least 10 of your CE credits must be in the Financial Planning category, 1 must fall in the Professional Responsibility category and a maximum of 5 of your CE credits can come from the other categories. All of our courses provide credits the Financial Planning category and Many Shades of Grey satisfies the requirement for a Professional Responsibility CE credit. 

If you exceed your annual CE requirement, you can carry-over a maximum of 25 CE credits to the next calendar year, in the Financial Planning category only. A summary is provided below.

Annual CE Credit Requirements for CFP Professionals

Verifiable Credits Required

(January 1 to December 31)


Breakdown by Category:

Annual Credits

Carry-Over Permitted to Next Calendar Year

Financial Planning

10 minimum

25 maximum

Professional Responsibility  

1 minimum

Any excess considered to be in the Financial Planning category

Practice Management

5 maximum


Product Knowledge

5 maximum


     Giving Back

5 maximum



In 2012, FPSC introduced a new CE Approval Program, designed to take the guesswork out of finding qualifying CE Courses. We're proud to be one of the first CE providers to have Courses approved by FPSC under this program!

As a result, you can be assured that any of our courses that carry the FPSC CE Credit Logo have substantive content relevant to financial planning and meet FPSC requirements.

By choosing our courses, you will no longer need to evaluate on your own the fit of activities to the CFP® Professional Competency Profile or how many credits they qualify for. Our CE courses for CFP professionals have been evaluated by FPSC on your behalf, and you can find the number of accredited hours in the each course description.

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