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Note: Based on our understanding of ICBC's rules as outlined below, we are not confident in recommending that any of our courses qualify for ICBC purposes at this time.

The number of continuing education hours required is fifteen (15) per licence period. A licence period starts June 1st and ends May 31st annually. It is important to note that only technical education qualifies

Life and accident and sickness licensees can carry forward up to fifteen (15) continuing education credits to the next licence period.

Duplicate courses Licensees cannot complete the same course for continuing education credit within three (3) licence periods. Exceptions will be made where Council can confirm the course content has changed substantially enough to warrant retaking the course.

While the Insurance Council of British Columbia does not currently accredit or approve courses, to be eligible as CE for the purposes of the Insurance Council’s continuing education program, CE courses must meet the technical content requirement. Technical content includes courses, seminars or programs that directly relate to:

  • Insurance products (based on the class of licence held)
  • Financial planning focused on life insurance content (For Life and A&S agents only)
  • Compliance with insurance legislation and requirements
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Ethics

Financial planning is defined as assessing an individual’s current financial and personal circumstances while considering their future financial needs and providing objective, integrated, and comprehensive insurance recommendations that can assist in meeting those needs. Examples of technical/non-technical content related to financial planning include:

  • Financial planning focused on life insurance products – i.e. how insurance is affected by tax changes at retirement, estate planning and trusts, segregated funds, protecting income and retirement planning, insurance and risk management
  • Identifying client’s risk exposure and making appropriate insurance recommendations

For further details, see the ICBC website at


Current as of February 10, 2022