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Planning to Borrow - Module 2


  • CFP® certificants: This course qualifies for a total of 6.0 FPSC-approved CE credits in the Financial Planning category.
  • Life Agents (provincial requirements): 6.0 hours ON

FORMAT: eBook to view online or print, and an online quiz. May not be compatible with all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).


Planning to Borrow is a three-module continuing education series devoted to the topics of credit and credit management. The series will help advisors:

  • gain a better understanding of consumer credit and what lending vehicles are available in the market;
  • learn how to better position clients to be approved for credit when they need it; and
  • learn how to advise clients to use and better manage credit.

The series is based on the book “Planning to Borrow – A Practical Guide to Consumer Lending Practices in Canada”, written by Steve Bang, CFP and published by Captus Press. We’re excited to work in partnership with Steve and Captus Press to offer this material as continuing education.

Note that extensive understanding of consumer credit is a new addition to the Financial Planner Standards Council's recently revised Body of Knowledge (BoK) requirements for CFPs. Steve Bang, author of our Planning to Borrow series, served for two years on the volunteer committee tasked with revising and finalizing the BoK. Completion of this series will provide you with a wealth of knowledge in the area of consumer credit while allowing you to meet the new BoK requirement in this area.

Module 2 is based on Chapters 6 through 9, which covers:

  • an in depth look at mortgages for existing and newly constructed homes, payment options, features, and penalties;
  • other types of consumer credit, such as fixed repayment loans, revolving loans and interest-only demand loans;
  • loan structuring (or restructuring) to reduce the customer’s financial burden or the overall level of risk to the lender; and
  • the 8-step process used by most financial institutions when lending money to their customers.

Students enrolled in Module 2 get access to the eBook version of these four chapters (with the option to print), and must complete a 30-question online quiz to obtain their continuing education credits. While Module 1 is not a strict prerequisite to taking this Course, students are encouraged to take Module 1 first.

Get more information on Module 1 and Module 3!

NOTE: You have one year from time of purchase to complete this Module.

AUTHOR: Steve Bang, CFP®
PUBLISHED: July 2016
FPSC and FPSC CE Credit logo are registered trademarks of the Financial Planning Standards Council

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