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Personal Income Tax Fundamentals (2021 Edition)


  • CFP® and QAFP® certificants: This course qualifies for 12 CE credits in the Financial Planning category, as approved by FP Canada
  • Life Agents (provincial requirements): 12 hrs in ON, SK (subject to a maximum of 5 in non-insurance subjects)
  • CPAs: 12 verifiable CPD hours

FORMAT: Course Notes in PDF format (print them or read them online). You must pass an online Course Quiz to obtain CE credits. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: As a financial advisor, you need to know enough about our tax system to be able to advise your clients appropriately. Given that the Income Tax Act is now about 1,500 pages long and is constantly changing as a result of each Federal Budget, maintaining a competent level of knowledge is obviously a challenge.

This Course, written in plain English, will give you a solid tax foundation so that you can better service your clients, while also helping you recognize when you should refer a client to a tax specialist. It will also serve as a handy reference when you need to refresh your memory on a specific tax topic. It covers the following topics:

  1. Overview of the Canadian tax system
  2. Employment income and deductions
  3. Property income (interest, dividends, rental income, income earned as specified member of a partnership) and deductions
  4. Capital cost allowance
  5. Capital gains and losses
  6. Dispositions of depreciable capital property
  7. Capital gains exemptions
  8. Income attribution rules

NOTE: You have one year from time of purchase to complete this course.

AUTHOR: Roxanne Eszes, CFP®

PUBLISHED: October 2021

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