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Professional Responsibility 2018


  • CFP® certificants: This course qualifies for a total of 2.0 FPSC-approved CE credits, 1 in the Professional Responsibility category and 1 in the Financial Planning category.

FORMAT: Downloadable course notes in PDF format and an online quiz. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is specifically designed to meet the FPSC's requirement for a Professional Responsibility CE credit.
Professional Responsibility 2018 explores some of the challenges that advisors face when dealing with clients who have diminished capacity, including mental incapacity, mental health or addiction issues, and financial elder abuse. After a general discussion of the issues, the course presents a series of case scenarios that require you to think about how the situation should be handled within the context of FPSC's Standards of Professional Responsibility.
NOTE: You have one year from time of purchase to complete this course.


NOTE: Although this course builds on our previous professional responsibility courses, including Many Shades of Grey , MORE Shades of Grey and Professional Responsibility 2017, you do not have to complete them before taking Professional Responsibility 2018; the courses are completely independent of each other and they are still available for purchase. You can choose to do more than one of these courses in one year, in which case you would count 1 CE credit in the Professional Responsibility category, and the remaining CE credits in the Financial Planning category. You can carry up to 25 CE credits in the Financial Planning category forward to the following year.

AUTHOR: Roxanne Eszes, CFP®
PUBLISHED: September 2018
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