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Dealing with Diminished Capacity (A Professional Responsibility Course) - 2022 Edition


  • CFP® and QAFP® certificants2 CE credits in the Professional Responsibility category (or the Financial Planning category if you have already met your PR requirement). Can be used up until July 12, 2024.
  • MFDA: 2 Business Conduct (Ethics) credits
  • IIROC: 2 CM/PD credits, Cycle 9 (2022 - 2023)
  • CPAs: 2 verifiable CPD hours (Ethics)

FORMAT: Downloadable course notes in PDF format and an online quiz. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Sometimes clients do stupid things. Sometimes they make rash financial decisions, fail to file their tax returns on time, forget to attend meetings, or ignore your advice about their need for life insurance. To some extent, that’s to be expected – clients are human, after all, and there are numerous textbooks on behavioural finance that might help you determine why clients do what they do.

However, at some point, a client will go beyond simple forgetfulness or making a bad decision, and you must ask yourself whether that client has in fact become incapable, or less capable, of making financial decisions or managing his financial affairs.

This Course explores some of the causes of diminished financial capacity, what warning signs you can look for, and how you might manage some of these situations, before delving into a few case studies that will foster further thinking.

Note that although this course is labelled as the 2022 Edition, it has been approved for use to satisfy your Professional Responsibility CE requirement up until July 12, 2024.

NOTE: You have 90 days from time of purchase to complete this course (the shortened time frame is to ensure it is still accredited by the time you complete it).

PUBLISHED: New edition, July 2022

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