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Cryptocurrencies - What Advisors Need to Know


  • CFP® and QAFP® certificants: This course qualifies for 4 CE credits as approved by FP Canada Standards Council in the Financial Planning category
  • Life Agents (provincial requirements): 4 hours, ON, AB (AIC # 52839, 4 hours in Life category if completed by September 10, 2022). 
  • CPAs: 4 verifiable CPD hours

FORMAT: Course Notes in PDF format (print them or read them online), with an online quiz. 


Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are terms that have crept into mainstream conversations within the financial world. Like any other boom time, initially there is an "anything goes" attitude, which eventually gives way to a more tempered and regulated approach. The signs are clear: cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and it would be a mistake to dismiss them as a passing fancy.

Financial advisors and money managers must expect questions from their clients about cryptocurrencies and ICOs, similar to questions they already receive about individual stocks, indexes and exchange traded funds (ETFs). When clients ask questions, advisors and their firms have a duty to not only answer these questions intelligently, but also to begin identifying investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world that could be advantageous to those they represent. 

This course, written by Irene Katzela, CEO of Axio4Tech, provides a guide through the new technologies and its labyrinth of cryptic terms, in a language that can be understood. The course introduces the main concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to those new to the field; enables a deeper, more organized understanding for those already familiar with the concepts but who want to learn more; and finally, it provides everyone with the tools needed to successfully explain these new technologies to others.

Once you complete this course, you will be in a better position to help clients understand the advantages and risks of cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) investing, and to decide if cryptocurrency and ICO investing is a good fit for them. 

    NOTE: You have one year from time of purchase to complete this course.

    AUTHOR: Irene Katzela

    PUBLISHED: November 2018

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