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Professional Practice Update (A Professional Responsibility Course)


  • CFP® and QAFP® certificants: This course qualifies for a total of 2.0 CE credits as approved by FP Canada in the Professional Responsibility category. 
  • CPAs: 2 verifiable CPD hours (Ethics)

FORMAT: Downloadable course notes in PDF format, links to FP Canada resources, and an online quiz. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is specifically designed to meet the FP Canada Standards Council's requirement for Professional Responsibility CE credits. 

As a CFP® or QAFP® Certificant, you are required to provide your services in a professional and ethical manner. FP Canada Standards Councilhas several publications to help you do just that. However, in the busy-ness of our professional and personal lives, we often give this information a cursory look at best, intending to look at it in more depth “later”, which often never happens.

In this Course, you will review and apply the content of three of these publications, including:

  • the Standards of Professional Responsibility, especially the most recent additions dealing with the use of technology (Rules 28 and 29);
  • the Projection Assumption Guidelines;
  • Guidance documents, including the most recent Guidance related to “off-duty” conduct.

NOTE: You have one year from time of purchase to complete this course.

AUTHOR: Roxanne Eszes, CFP®  

PUBLISHED: September 2021

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