Learning Partner

We've recently overhauled our website and changed the way you order Courses.

Simplified Purchasing

Previously, you had to visit our website to review Course descriptions, and then login to our Learning Management System (LMS) to register and pay for your courses there.

Now you'll be able to complete your registrations right here at www.learningpartner.ca, using our upgraded online payment system for a more efficient and secure buying experience. You now also have the option of registering for several courses at once, instead of having to go through the purchase process multiple times. You can even buy a course and then assign it to someone else in your organization, or give it to your brother for Christmas!

Once you complete payment for a Course, you'll receive a confirmation email that serves as your receipt, followed shortly by a second email with instructions on how to access your Course (if you bought it for yourself), or how to assign it to another person (if you bought it for someone else).

Your Login Page

If you've already registered for a Course, you can click on "Work on a Course" in the menu above, to access the login page of the Learning Management System (LMS). If you bookmarked the login page previously, you may have to update your bookmark.

Your Username

Your username is now the email address that is associated with your student profile (if it wasn't already). If you're having trouble logging in, contact us and we'll get you straightened out.


Thanks for your patience as we make this transition!

Written by Learning Partner — September 06, 2013